PM Camp - Szeged

November 8-9, 2019

PM Camp Szeged brings the innovative concept of PM Camp (BarCamp) on Project Management to Hungary: The unconference conference!

PM Camp Szeged will follow the footsteps of PM Camp Barcelona thus will take the form of a BarCamp – an unconference, a participant-driven event comprising participatory open space workshops where agendas are set by the participants at the beginning and the content also provided by the participants.  Other than the keynote speakers, the format and content of the sessions is not specified in advance, providing flexibility for how open space sessions can be organised to meet the needs of the participants. The PM Camp is the most important unconference in project management – open, diverse, and Europe-wide. By bringing together enthusiastic practitioners and learners from far and wide, this is PM participatory learning and sharing at its best!

Who is it for?

  • Agile practitioners
  • Project managers
  • Programme managers
  • Innovation managers
  • Business leaders and thinkers
  • Consultants Teachers
  • Students

Basic rules

  • Register yourself on the website of the barcamp
  • Keep the conversations going
  • Contribute and share your knowledge with the crowd – make it digitally available for later review
  • Use your opportunities between sessions to meet other participants and network.

Date and venue

November 8-9, 2019

Felső Tisza-part 25
6723 Szeged, Hungary 



Event ended…

New information in January, 2020!

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